Nasıl Başvuru Yapılır?

The application procedure for the Foreign students undergraduate programs in our university as follows;

1. Information about the programs will be announced on the University Web page

2. The application are online between the dates specified on the announcement.

3. The information submitted via internet is accepted as true, but the enrollment of the applicant who are understood to give deceptive statement during the evaluation, enrollment or later is canceled.

4. The assesment of the applications and the replacement of the applicants are completely in the priority of Afyon Kocatepe University. AKÜ is free to place all the quotas or not.

5. A letter of acceptance will be set for the applicants whose application is accepted. The letter of acceptance can be downloaded from Tahe applicants can get a student visa with this document from a Turkish Embassy.

6. The Articles listed in Afyon Kocatepe University Directive on the Admission of Students from Abroad to Undergraduate and Associate Programs are valid and followed for all the process.