Evaluatıon of Applıcatıon

a) The International Student Coordination Unit, or if it is deemed appropriate by he International Student Coordination Unit, the Exam Evaluation Commission makes the appicants’ ,who apply for the departments accepting international students, application, preliminary checking, examination, selection and the announcement,

b) The applications of the candidates which are determined not to meet the application requirements as a result of the pre-check to be made as a result of the exam or online applications are not evaluated. The documents of candidates who meet the application requirements are submitted to the International Student Coordination Unit.

c) Students who have a valid score for application are placed by the Exam Evaluation Commission. For the quotas which are empty as a result of the placements made by the coordinatorship, an online application and placement can be made with the decision of the Executive Board of the AKU.

d) Scores specified in ANNEX-1 are converted to a system of 100 by linear transformation. The validity period of those who are in the status of entrance to the AKU is two years.

e) In the evaluation of the applications, 100% of the exam results made by the AKU, 80% of the exam results made by other public universities, 70% of the exam results made by private / foundation universities and 80% of the other exam results in ANNEX-1 are used.

f) For undergraduate programs, the placement score is calculated by taking 80% of the scores from the exams and 20% of the secondary education GPA.

g) In associate degree programs, only the GPA of secondary education graduation is taken into consideration. Candidates who will apply to this quota are not required to have a central examination score.

h) Applications with a placement score below the 50-score are not evaluated.

i) As a result of the applications, the relevant unit conducts the evaluation processes of the programs that accept students with the Special Competency Exam.

j) The scores of students whose diploma score types are different are converted into a hundred (100) system and evaluated.

k) Having the application conditions does not require acceptance for placement.

l) Applications of candidates who do not meet the application requirements are not evaluated.

m) Applications are made online on the dates specified in the announcement. The application form is printed out and signed, and it is sent to the International Student Coordinatorship with its attachments by mail or delivered by hand. Application documents received after the deadline due to postal delays will not be processed.

n) If there is no verification code in the exam documents used during the application, the applications will not be evaluated.