Özel Yetenek S. / Eğitim Dili / Hazırlık Sınıfı

1) The applicants who apply for the departments which have a special talent test have to be succesful in the special talent exam held by the university in addition to general requirments mentioned before. The evaluation is made according to the related faculty/college special talent exam application and acceptance instruction standards.

2) The candidates who apply for the departments whose education is in English have to be succesful in the English Language Proficiency exam held by the Foreign Language School of our university in addition to the criteria mentioned before. The applicants who get 60 ouf of 100 are accepted as succesful. The applicants who get a sufficent point from any equivalent exams accepted by board of higher education.

3) The students who enrolled to the department with compulsory preparatory class are obliged to follow the regulations related to the Education and Training in Foreign Language in Higher Education.

4) If the applicants want to apply to the undergraduate and associate degrees apart from the quotas announced every year, they can apply to the Turkish and English courses held by our university to develop their language level and prepare for the next year quotas. An acceptance letter can be given to these applicants if they demand.