Kimler Başvurabilir?

The ones who gradute from a high school which is equivalent to a Turkish high school  and the students who are in conformity with the criteria listed below can apply the undergraduate programs in our university.

a) The ones who graduates from high school or are in their senior year;

1) The one who have foreign citizenship ,

2) The ones who are origanally Turkish but had the permission for declaration of alienage from Ministry of Interior and their minor children registered on their permission for declaration document who can certify that they have ‘document concerning the exercise of vested interests’ (Blue Card) in accordance with Turkish Citizenship Law.

* Law No. 5901 of Turkish Citizenship Article 7. ”(1) The child born in the wedlock, both parents are Turks, either in Turkey or in a different country is a Turkish Citizenship.” According to Turkish Citizenship Law, The ones who certificates that they have obtained the right of Turkish citizenship after their birth have the right to apply for the quotas for the foreign students.The ones who have the dual citizenship from their birth cannot apply.

3) The ones who have become a Turkish Citizen by naturalization while they are a foreigner and are dual citizen because of that condition,

4) The ones with Turkish Citizenship who have completed all their secondary education in a foreign country except TRNC ( Turkish Republic of North Cyprus) and the ones who have completed all their secondary education in a Turkish School in a foreign country except TRNC.

5) The ones who are TRNC citizen and reside in TRNC and complete their secondary education there and have GCE AL exam results; the ones who registered and studied in the colleges and high schools in a different country between 2005-2010 and have or will have the GCE AL exam results can apply.