Kayıt Sonrası (sırasıyla) Zorunlu İşlemler

1) Apply to the Immigrant Office with Student ID ,

2) Report the Turkish Citizen Id obtained from Immigant Office to the Civil Registry Office ,

3) apply for a “general health care insurance” at the National Institute for Social Insurance,*

4) Submit the document obtained from National Institute for Social Insurance to the Immigrant Office .

* In order to get a residence permission for the first time from Immigrant office, General Health Care Insurance from SGK is not obligatory, but it is obligatory to extend the period of passport etc. General Helath Care Insurance must be done within the first 3 months after the student’s enrollment. As the General Helath Care Insurance cannot be applied after 3 months, the students cannot register for the General Health Care Insurance after this duration, our university is not responsible for the any victimisation.