Başvuru İçin Gerekli Belgeler

ATTENTION: The application with any outstanding documents isnot evaluated.

Applicants have to submit  all the original documents and their original translation . It is off applicants’s own bat that all the documents are complete and true.

1)The passport photo must be taken in the last 6 months, color, 4.5*6 cm in size and must  picture the applicant face and the applicant must be recognized easily. If the photo doesn’t meet these requirements, it is accepted as not uploaded. This photo will be on the student id card if the applicant is placed in any departments.

2) Either  the identity card of the Turkish Republic or a copy of your passport (birth certificate) or a certified copy of the student visa in the passport must be submitted.

3) The original and the translation of high school diploma must be submitted. Those who have not received their high school diploma must provide proof of their high school official certificate (temporary certificate) in which the possible final grades and the date when they are expected to finish their high school.

4) The high school diploma must have the same value as the Turkish high school diploma. Therefore, candidates must obtain a certificate of equivalence in the original from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey or the Turkish Embassy in their country, which is not required for the application. But accepted candidates must submit this document during the enrollment.

5) The official transcript (copy) of the candidates, which include the courses and grades in high school must be approved by the school head and officially submitted.

6) The official transcript must be translated into Turkish, if it is not in Turkish and be submitted as a copy.

7)For the college admission, candidates (either Baccalaureate results or the results of tests that are  required to be taken to win the university or to finish the high school) must submit the exam result document in the original. As the list of “acceptance criteria”,  specified exams are accepted. Apart from these exams and documents, it is not possible to apply. It is also not possible to apply with a point below than the specified point.

8) If the applicant who is placed in a department which is in Turkish has a Turkish Proficiency documents, he/she should submit it.

9) Foreign students wishing to study in Turkey must be able to certify their financial opportunities through a financial letter of guarantee or -Brief that the situation allows them to continue their education.

10) The bank receipt which shows the annual or semester tuition according to the faculty is paid to the relevant bank balance must be submitted with all the other documents during the enrollment.